How’s Your Day, Honey?

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Bees are fascinating insects. Did you know that there are only three types of honey bees in each hive? The queen bee lays all of the eggs, which could be around 1,000 each day. The drones are only male bees in the hive and their only job is to fertilize the queen’s eggs. The main bee is called a worker bee. All worker bees are females that are unable to lay eggs – that job belongs only to the queen. They collect pollen, make food and care for the other bees. All of the bees are important to the survival of the hive. It’s a world into itself!

PHNC is excited to have Kelsey Spaulding join us from ‘Hows Your Day, Honey?”, a bee removal and honey producing company in St. Petersburg. Kelsey will explain the workings of the hive, interesting facts about bees and why they are considered the most important species on earth.

Kelsey will be bringing honey and other products to sell which will be a real treat!