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Welcome to the PHNC Frequently Asked Questions page! We hope you find the answer to your question here but if not, please contact us at

About PHNC

Q: What is PHNC?

A: PHNC stands for Palm Harbor Newcomers Club. PHNC is a women’s organization dedicated to bringing women together for friendship, fun, (and food!). Our motto is ‘No strangers, only friends you haven’t met’.

Q: What is the mission of PHNC?

A: See PHNC Mission statement here.

Q:  Why is the club named Palm Harbor Newcomers Club if members do not have to live in Palm Harbor?

A: When Palm Harbor Newcomers Club (PHNC) was first organized membership was only open to Palm Harbor residents. Over the years, however, membership eligibility has expanded to all surrounding areas (Oldsmar, Dunedin, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Trinity, Tampa, etc.). The club has even had a few members living out-of-state. There are no residency requirements to belong to PHNC.

Q: Is Palm Harbor Newcomers Club a charity?

A: PHNC is not a charity. Under the IRS, it is considered a social club, a not-for-profit 501(c)(7) organization.

Q: Does Palm Harbor Newcomers Club support charities?

A: PHNC is strictly a social club, but from time to time, the Club conducts charitable endeavors, which have included voluntary donations from members of goods and money to benefit FEAST (a local food pantry), Ronald McDonald House, HEP (Homeless Empowerment Project), the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the Salvation Army, Guardian ad Litem Foundation and others. Additionally, if excess funds are available at the end of the Club’s fiscal year, the Club’s Board of Directors may enable monetary donations to charities recommended by members.

Q: How long has Palm Harbor Newcomers Club been in place?

A: PHNC was organized in February 1981 by a group of women who wanted a club dedicated to providing opportunities for area women to enjoy social activities and to form close personal attachments. Their organizational effort has led to more than 40 years of exceptional PHNC fun and friendship.

Q: Who do I contact for more Information about PHNC?

A: Contact the Membership Chair at or general questions can be sent to


Q: Do I have to live in Palm Harbor to belong to Palm Harbor Newcomers Club?

A: No, any woman seeking social interaction is welcome to join.

Q: Do I have to be new to the area to belong to Palm Harbor Newcomers Club?

A: No, any woman at a time in her life who wishes to enjoy the fun and friendship Palm Harbor Newcomers Club offers is welcome to join.

Q: Is there an additional charge to belong to any of the Palm Harbor Newcomers Club Activity Groups?

A: No, but some monthly activities outings or gatherings could entail a charge for food, supplies, entry fees, etc.

Q: If I participate in a Palm Harbor Newcomers Club Activity Group do I have to attend every month to remain eligible?

A: No. Participation in Palm Harbor Newcomers Club Activity Groups is on a month-to-month basis with no obligation to attend every gathering except Book Clubs. Since each of the Book Clubs meet in homes, and thus limit the number of those who participate, Book Club members are expected to attend on a regular basis.

Q: Are men allowed to join Palm Harbor Newcomers Club?

A: Palm Harbor Newcomers Club is a not-for-profit 501(c)(7) women’s organization. While PHNC is a women’s only organization, men are welcome to attend Club events as invited guests and with their spouse at couples activities.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of years someone can belong to Palm Harbor Newcomers Club?

A: No, members are welcome to remain active as long as they wish.

Q: What do my dues cover?

A: Dues cover membership for one year, January 1 through December 31. The monies collected pay all or a portion of administrative expenses, meeting expenses, hospitality expenses and printing expenses.

Q: Do I have to reside in Florida a minimum number of months per year to join?

A: No, there is no residency requirement to belong to Palm Harbor Newcomers Club.

Q: I have had a change in my member information. How do I notify the Club?

A: Changes to a member’s information may be made on the Club’s website at Under the “Members Only” dropdown, select “My Account” and complete the form.

Q: I do not live in Palm Harbor, so I do not think I am eligible to join Palm Harbor Newcomers Club.

A: Any woman is welcome to join Palm Harbor Newcomers Club, no matter where she resides.

Q: I am not new to this area; I have lived here for some time. Am I still eligible to join Palm Harbor Newcomers Club?

A: Yes, potential members do not have to be a new resident to Florida or the local area to be qualified to join Palm Harbor Newcomers Club.

Q: How do I know when to renew my yearly membership?

A: Palm Harbor Newcomers Club membership is effective January 1 to December 31st. Membership fees are due by December 31st for the new year. Reminders will be included in the Club’s Chatterbox newsletter, which is distributed to members monthly, and will also be posted on the club’s website at

Q: If I join in July, do I have to pay the full membership fee?

A: Anyone who joins Palm Harbor Newcomers Club in July—September, pays half of the current annual membership fee for the remainder of the year. Those who join in October—December, pay the full amount for the coming year and get the last three months of the current year free. In other words, if you join in October, you pay the full membership fee for the coming year, which covers membership dues for the remainder of the year and for the entire next year.

Q: If I’m a snowbird, can I still join?

A: Yes, you are welcome to join even if you are not a full-time Florida resident with the annual fee. Just indicate your status on your Membership Registration form.


Q: How do I sign up for a luncheon?

A: Access and click on the LUNCHEON tab on the top and then select the appropriate month’s luncheon (example November luncheon). If using an iPhone or MAC, click on the 3 lines and then locate the Luncheon tab and then select the appropriate month’s lunch. There is also a block on the main page for easy access to the luncheon form.

Q: What time do the doors open for the Luncheon?

A: The doors open at 10:30 a.m.

Q: What is the agenda for the Luncheon?

A: From 10:30-11:15 is social time; 11:15 short business meeting & raffles; 11:45 Lunch is served; 12:15 Entertainment begins; 12:15-1:15 pm Luncheon ends (depending on entertainment).

Q: Is there an elevator at the venue?

A: Yes, the elevator is located outdoors on the right side of the building near the handicapped parking.

Q: Can I enter Cypress Run from East Lake Road?

A: No! There is only one way in and out of the Cypress Run Golf Club. You must turn off of Keystone Road to East Lake Drive (not Road). The address is 994 East Lake Drive, Tarpon Springs. You must enter and exit from the main gate as all other gates require a key code.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel a reservation to a luncheon or other Palm Harbor Newcomers Club event?

A: There are no refunds or menu changes for luncheon reservations unless the club needs to cancel the luncheon for an unforeseen reason. Refunds for other PHNC events may be possible up to the registration deadline.

Q: May I come to a Palm Harbor Newcomers Club luncheon and not eat?

A: The choice to eat or not eat is up to the individual, but anyone attending a luncheon must pay the full price for the event whether they choose to dine or not.

Q: My neighbor does not want to join Palm Harbor Newcomers Club, but she would like to attend luncheons when the program is of interest to her. Is this allowed?

A: Guests are welcome to attend Palm Harbor Newcomers Club luncheons, but they may not attend more than two general meetings (luncheons) a year prior to joining. Note: A guest waiver must be submitted for each event a guest may attend. A member may make a reservation for herself and her invited guest, pay for both and access the guest waiver on the club’s website at by following the prompts under “Luncheon”.

Q: Can I make a change to my entree at the luncheon?

A: No substitutions or changes to the menu selections previously requested are allowed at the luncheon.

Q: What if I am on a glutenfree diet?

A: Every effort is made to accommodate those who are gluten free. To select gluten-free menu options, on the Palm Harbor Newcomers Club website at, under “Luncheons”, double click on the month of the luncheons program and then, click on the “Luncheon RSVP” button and on the luncheon form “Dietary Restriction” is drop down field select “Gluten Free”.

Q: Will there be jewelry and book sale tables at Palm Harbor Newcomers Club luncheons?

A: Gently worn jewelry is normally available for sale at nominal prices at the monthly luncheons.  We no longer sell used books.

Q: May I reserve seats for my friends at Palm Harbor Newcomers Club luncheons?

A:  You may reserve a seat for yourself and one additional seat when you arrive at the luncheon venue. However the doors do not open until 10:30 a.m., and seats may not be saved prior to that.

Q: I cannot remember if I submitted my luncheon form. Who can I contact?

A: On the Palm Harbor Newcomers Club website at, under “About” select “Contact Us” and select “Luncheons” from the drop-down topics list to generate an email to the Luncheon Chair who will answer your question. Optionally, you can send an email to

Q: Are non-members able to attend monthly Palm Harbor Newcomers Club meetings/luncheons?

A: Yes, anyone who wishes to attend a general meeting and luncheon may reserve a seat, pay and complete a guest waiver on the Club’s website at by following the prompts under “Luncheons”. Note: A guest may attend a maximum of two luncheons a year before becoming a member.

Q: As a member, do I have to attend Palm Harbor Newcomers Club monthly luncheons, or can I just participate in an Activity Group or vice versa?

A: It is completely up to a member’s personal choice as to what Palm Harbor Newcomers Club events and activities to participate in or skip.

Q:  May I leave the luncheon after the meal and before the program?

A:  Yes, of course. We do ask, however, that everyone refrain from leaving during the entertainment. If you must leave early, please do so before the performance begins so you do not interrupt the proceedings or interfere with others’ enjoyment of the program.

Q: If I have an emergency and need to cancel my luncheon reservation prior to the deadline, can I get a refund?

A: There are no refunds on luncheon reservations. The reservation, however, may be transferred to another Palm Harbor Newcomers Club member or to a guest. Be sure to send an email to to inform the Luncheon Chair of the transfer and the name of who will be attending.

Q: If I pay for a Palm Harbor Newcomers Club luncheon by credit card will I be able to get a refund?

A: There are no refunds for luncheon reservations unless the luncheon is cancelled by the Club. In that case, full refunds will be processed back to your credit card.

Luncheon Programs

Q:  Is there some sort of entertainment at each luncheon?

A:  Yes, PHNC strives to provide its members with the best entertainment possible. This can include a speaker, performers, an audience participation game such as Bingo or Trivia, a play, a talent show or any other form of light entertainment.

Q:  I have a great idea for entertainment at a PHNC luncheon. Who do I contact?

A:  Club officers are always looking for great entertainment. Please send your suggestion to


Q: I am new to Palm Harbor Newcomers Club, and I am coming alone to the next luncheon. Will there be someone there to help me find a seat and get more info?

A: Yes, members of the Club’s Hospitality Committee will welcome you, introduce you to other members and make sure you find a seat.

Q:  I have heard PHNC schedules a “President’s Coffee” every so often. What is it, and how can I find out more about this event?

A:  A “President’s Coffee” is held three or four times a year for members who have recently joined and those that are new but missed a previous event. PHNC Board of Director members prepare a light brunch and provide insight into the club’s organization and operation. The event allows those new to the club to meet club officers and each other and to learn more about the many opportunities for social interaction and leadership offered by PHNC. Information about the next President’s Coffee is available through the club’s website at Select “About” and then “Contact Us”. Fill out the form and select “Membership” or send an email to . The Membership Chair will respond to your inquiry.


Q: What is a PHNC activity group?

A: PHNC includes over 20 small activity groups that meet all throughout the month and are enjoyed by all. Activities range from book clubs and cards to gardening gals and arts & antiques. There is something for everyone. Refer to the Activity Groups page on this website for a complete list.

Q: May I bring a non-member to a Group Activity event?

A: Only members are eligible to attend group activities.

Q: How can I start a new Palm Harbor Newcomers Club Activity Group?

A: Simply write a description of the new group and send an email to The Activity Chair will bring the activity group proposal to the PHNC Board of Directors for discussion and a vote.

Trips and Special Events

Q: How do I sign up for a Palm Harbor Newcomers Club trip?

A: Access the club’s website at and click on “Activities”. From the dropdown, select “Trips”.


Q: May I invite a non-member to go on a Palm Harbor Newcomers Club trip?

A: If there is a limited number of spots available, members will be given the first opportunity to apply. If there is availability, non-members (guests) may be able to attend. Note: A guest waiver must be submitted for each Palm Harbor Newcomers Club event a guest attends.

Q:  If I have a suggestion for a great trip, who do I contact?

A:  Please send an email to with your suggestion.  This will be routed to our Trips Chair.

Join the Board

Q:  I would love to get more involved in Palm Harbor Newcomers Club and meet more members. How do I learn more about becoming a Club officer, chair, or activity coordinator?

A:  You can contact any board member directly at luncheons or contact the Membership Chair directly via the “Contact Us” form on the club’s website at Select “Membership” and follow the prompts, or simply send an email to

Q:  What are the responsibilities of the Club’s Executive Board officers?

        A:  A description of the duties of each Executive Board officer President, Vice President-Membership, Director-Activities, Director Programs, Director-Special Events, Secretary, and Treasurer are available by visiting the Club’s website at Select “About” and then “PHNC Bylaws”. Officer duties are outlined in “ARTICLE VII EXECUTIVE OFFICERS”.

Q:  What is the time commitment to be a Palm Harbor Newcomers Club Executive or General Board member?

A:  There is a monthly Board of Directors meeting which normally lasts an hour and a half. Board members are also expected to attend monthly luncheons on the third Tuesday of the month and to participate in all club activities as much as possible. There are also necessary tasks to keep the club running smoothly associated with each office that require a time commitment.

Members Only Area

Q:  Why do I have to create a password when joining?

          A:  Access to the “Members Only” area requires each member to have a personal password and log in to the system to view the area.

Q: What is in the Members-Only area?

        A:   PHNC offers a secure area for members which houses the membership directory, copies of the PHNC Newsletter “The Chatterbox” and PHNC photo gallery. Member personal information collected by PHNC is for exclusive use by Palm Harbor Newcomers Club and is protected in the Members-Only area.

Q:   Will I get a printed copy of the membership directory?

       A:    The directory is printable from the members-only area. It is up to the individual member to choose whether or not to print a copy of the directory.

Q:   How often is the directory updated? 

      A:  The directory is updated immediately when a member joins or leaves the club.

Q:   Why do I need to log in to the system to sign up for an activity?

      A:  Membership is required to participate in PHNC Activities.

Q:    How will this affect my signing up for Luncheons?

      A:  Luncheons are open to members, visitors, and guests and will not require you to be signed into the system to reserve a seat.