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2023 – 2024 Executive Board

President – Michelle Scott

Vice President – Membership – Jane Bittmann

Director of Programs – open

Director of Special Events – Sara Hastings

Director of Activities – Dee Lewis

Secretary – Denise Hofer

Treasurer – Linda Sanford

2023 -2024 General Board Members

Past President Advisor -Christine Dandaraw

Financial Advisor – Pat Arena

Facebook Chair – Barb Sweet

Hospitality Chair – Claire Hoagland

Hospitality Co-Chair – Evelyn Haupt

Luncheon Co-Chair – Harriet DeLouise

Newsletter Editor – Claudia Thomas

Pot of Gold Chair – Terry Christiano

Pot of Gold Co-Chair -Diane Densmore

Publicity Chair – Rita Yezzi

Table Décor Chair – Pam Enos

Table Décor Co-Chair – Sue Hand

Website Chair – Christine Dandaraw

Website Support Chair – Joan Lawler